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About lifeSimple – Smart Home Technology Solutions

lifeSimple is more than just another smart home automation company with products and services.  lifeSimple is a way of living in relationship with our clients and partners to provide the best technology solutions available in a way that is user friendly, dependable, life enhancing, and above all… Simple.  We represent an ideal of how we wish our industry would work and we choose to lead by example; showing forward the highest standards of excellence, customer service, quality, and moral character.  With this drive, our members leverage a collective experience in the industry of over 50 years to create a new experience for homeowners and businesses. That’s the lifeSimple way!  

We invite you to learn more about our most important core values that define our culture and identity:

Relationship Focused

We value the building up of healthy relationships over all pursuits.  That means the lifeSimple way is to be fair, honest, and transparent with our clients as well as our partners.  Putting the best interests of our clients first is how we build life-long trust, therefore why we take such immense care with homes, businesses, and most importantly people.  Proactive communication is also key to fostering this healthy relationship, so we will provide an appropriate level without inundating your inbox or feed.  We see every client and partner as a member of a vibrant family that we are so very privileged to live in relationship with!

Rooted in Integrity

To us, integrity is not merely a word to be paid lip service.  This core lifeSimple value guides our decision making, embodies our character in our business dealings, and reflects how we engage with and serve our community.  To quote one of our founding members, “We believe that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing the right way and all the way, even when that means more work.”  This is the embodiment of going above and beyond expectations, living it out as a company in a way that is better.

Simplicity and High Functionality as One Pursuit

This delicate balance is a dance and an art form in which we are fully immersed.  We view the perfect project as when our clients are completely satisfied with the lifeSimple experience.  This happens because an ideal level of functionality is achieved in a way that is Simple and easy to live into.  Frustration and anxiety are replaced with confidence and ease as a direct result of the expert design, installation, and support of our lifeSimple artisans.  

Aesthetically Driven

A key driving force at lifeSimple is our unwavering belief that smart home technology should complement a space and design, not dominate or overtake it.  That means we are acutely focused on design elements of spacing, symmetry, balance, and more.  The lifeSimple way emphasizes a clean reveal at all times.  We follow a minimally invasive installation approach, engaging every opportunity to conceal cabling and components. 

Sustainable and Healthy Presence

lifeSimple is how we live as a company.  To be financially healthy and achieve long-standing sustainability is critical to our commitment to our clients and partners; to be a marketplace leader when called upon for as long as that can be.  We will never oversell or misrepresent.  We will not sacrifice any relationship for the sake of making a sale.  We will be fair in our pricing and luxurious in our service.  We will focus on following healthy financial practices, limiting waste and debt, growing at a sustainable pace, cultivating a diverse selection of product resources, and engaging clear and transparent processes to consistently deliver the highest quality experience for clients and partners.  Simply stated… we are here to stay! 

Each of these core values is evident in every facet of our client engagement.  A full range of Simple Solutions for Home and Business is what we provide; from a single TV install all the way to complete smart home integration of audio, video, WIFI, security, lighting, climate control, solar solutions, and more. All of this is operated from a single app on a touchscreen device, whether you are home or away.  

Begin your lifeSimple experience by scheduling an in-home visit from our designer and let the dance begin!